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Note: All files are in Acrobat format (PDF); click on link to dowload files.

Altitude Markers 1
Altitude Markers 2
Antenna Diagram
Fire/Smoke Markers
Main Rules: V.3.6.2a
Move Written Markers 1
Move Written Markers 2
Pinhead Diagram
Rodstand Diagram
Square Hook Diagram
Tailing Cards
Combat Tables v6.3
Things To Know (Rules)
Fire Template Sheet 1
Fire Template Sheet 2
Damage Table
Blue Damage Markers
Red Damagae Markers

All Above Files (Zipped)

Lisa's Campaign Files (Zipped/Word Files/107K)
Lisa Smedman used these notes to run her 12 month, 60+ player campaign game at the Trumpeter Club in 2004

Ownership of BLUE MAX by GDW, primarily for the original counters is highly encouraged!!